Tuesday, 16 November 2010

X factor is starting to do my HEAD IN

Yes, I know a few weeks back I was waffling about the merits of X factor but oh my cod it is annoying. For several reasons, but mainly,I find it a challenge to watch due to the copious amount of advert breaks that pop up every 3 minutes. It is so irritating! How many times do I have to see Dermot's creamy circular head tell us to "not leave the sofa for 5 mins". ARGH. Also the flashy flashy lights on the stage are starting to do my nut. I mean, the camera will be focusing on fat Mary's head and then suddenly boom the camera is at the back of the audience making Mary look tiny. It's like watching a lightbulb flicker, with the amount of camera angles and bright lights. I think I've genuinely had enough. Also the "return" of Take That was painful. Five fat gits humming along to the droniest wetwipe of a song, I actually would prefer to watch paint dry.

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