Sunday, 28 November 2010

Knowledge Reigns Supreme


Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone. yes. KRS ONE.

Profound, spiritual, articulate and cutting edge UK talents Lowkey and Akala literally blew the roof off the British Library on Friday evening. Performing music that goes against the grain, dives in deeper, acknowledges the unacknowledged and criticises the critics rang through the the ears of over 800 listeners in one of the UK's most well known establishments.

For these artists have something to say about our apathetic, wag-inspired nation. They have faced corporate opposition, who try to silence them and squander there presence, yet they simply will not go unheard. Referring to Hip Hop as a movement rather than a soundtrack, both Akala and Lowkey use music as a vehicle towards freedom, telling their listeners to think outside the box they have already been told to think outside of.

“If TV don’t play me no more just you tube me”. Akala is an artist who genuinely doesn’t give a FUCK about being in the mainstream or about making mega cheddar. And this isn’t an idea he projects purely for underground success. He faults and resents the media for fuelling and then enhancing everything negative about the world. Yet he doesn’t patronise his listener, he simply informs and shares his beliefs and this is why his connection with the audience is so profound. It seems he too has fallen victim to the glossy and unrealistic lifestyle that the great British public blindly pursue and now he can see its translucence and wishes to share his findings. Citing the history of Egypt and Africa and spitting lyrics on Mesopotamia, world famine, social norms, stereotypes and other mainstream artist's influence on young people are reasons why Akala is an intelligent force to be reckoned with and one that should NOT go unheard.

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