Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Jools Holland the BEST SHOW ON THE BOX

I've just watched Jools Holland and am currently buzzed from Tinie Tempah's performance "Pass Out". I've never really been a fan of his or his ubiquitous music however his live band and badboy attitude was epic! Plus his lyrics amuse me "I'm about to be a bigger star than my mum thought"it's funny stuff!

My change in opinion is all down to Live With Jools Hollands ability to convert people. If it's on Jools Holland than a) it must be live and b) it must be credible. Midlake, Bryan Ferry and Tinie Tempah all on the melting pot of Jools Holland could have been a recipe for disaster however it just always seems to work on Jools. It is the one show that can drastically cross genres but still be so appealling to the masses. It caters to the broadest audience thanks to its willingness to open doors to some of the most diverse and amazing artists. For me, my favourite ever Jools Holland performance was from India Arie singing "I am Ready For Love" whilst Jools accompanied on keys. Unbelievably beautiful and mesmerising.
From legendary names to up and coming acts Jools holland always wins.

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