Tuesday, 2 November 2010


For me, Beyonce is everything you could ever want in a commercial popstar. Her flawless talents are undeniable and her catchy tunes are loved by everyone from the coolest kids to your grandma. But what makes her so super duper? Maybe it’s her ability to charm and completely captivate an audience. Seeing Beyonce live was a life- changing moment for me. There was something about Beyonce’s live show that left me wanting to change the way I lived! No joke, it was so incredible that for a while I was convinced that with grit and determination anything in my life was possible. Moreover, I am genuinely charmed by her modest demeanour which I feel is authentic and rooted from years of hard graft and I genuinely believe her talents are unmatched by other contemporary performers living in the mainstream. Yes Gaga is avant-garde and yes Rihanna is entertaining but neither of them embodies the self-determination and flawless drive that Beyonce oozes. Beyonce manages to not only deliver an entertaining and effortless performance but for a split second can hypnotize an audience into believing that the world is an amazing place and that everyone can accomplish their potential. Need convincing? Go and see her live and you will concur. Forget Obama, Beyonce is a better qualified candidate to earn the catchphrase “yes we can”.

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