Wednesday, 20 October 2010

When did cool artists become uncool?!

Well these days of being unemployed do have some perks. I can watch you tube all day. I know this could be thought of as slightly depressing and your thinking "oh get a life" but for me, whilst its freezing outside its great! Anyway, whilst whittling away the minutes I noticed that Dizzee Rascal East Londons finest grime king has done a duet with Shakira and is set to guest on Cheryl Cole's Album. LAME. What's next? Jay Z and Subo? Fleetwood Mac and Mcfly? Oh it hurts me to imagine such a thing. I mean I was reasonably sad after hearing Florence and Dizz take to the stage together at the Brits last year but I got over it, however Shakiria! Bloody hell.

This isnt a moan about Shakira I mean I quite like her non-lying hips, it's just I thought Dizz wouldn't make a mistake like this. I thought his "bonkers" tune was pretty alright and "Boy in Da Corner" is cracking. Why must talent sell out all the time?

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