Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Kings of leon...back to being Kings of pop (lame)

The new Kings of Leon album is GREAT and this makes me genuinely happy. I think the reason it makes me happy is that I have managed to avoid seeing there moody little faces for a good few months. Normally I would read the reviews in NME and watch them on crappy MTV interviews but this year I'm not doing it! I've already had months of hating them after Cowell used "Sex is on Fire" in X factor and introducted a credible band to the most ignorant audience ever. So now I am going to judge the Kings of Leon on my own thank you very much.

The album opens with a stomper. That's the only consistent thing about the Kings of Leon, there first track always blows me away. Think "Knocked up" on "Only by the Night" and "Slow Night So Long" on "Aha Shake" and the same goes for "The End" on "Come Around Sundown". It's just very emotive and seems to leave me on the brink of tears (but in a good way). The rest of the tunes seem to go down a similar path, Caleb is singing about chums and old lovers (Mi Amigo and Pick Up Truck). However, due to me downloading this using wacko pirate bay all the track names are wrong and therefore this review is invalid. All I can say is, don't give up on the Kings of Leon and give this album a shot!

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  1. Here Here!!

    Mary is a tune also! Kings of Leon will always be one of the hottest bands around and I do literally mean hot - any Followill man can come around sundown to see me bar that chubster cousin - who looks like he is going through puberty again with greased long hair and puppy fat cheeks. Sort it out Matthew!
    I think people are just upset that KOL are no longer their indie pleasure but have hit mainstream and so any old joe likes them and and indeed shows like x factor savage their songs with less than cool afro men - they feel they arent as special and want to slate them - but they are still as magical as they were in Beni 07 when they opened up with Knocked Up.........aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh memories Lu!