Monday, 18 October 2010

Go Cher Lloyd

Go Cher Lloyd!

Yes that's right haters. I'm backing Cher! and yes I know her choice of facial expressions are sometimes scary (well it is nearly Halloween after all!)and she wouldnt be out of place on one of those Louis Theroux meets crystal meth documentaries, but I feel she has real swagger (yes I'm from Twickenham and I just used that word) and a confident charm that keeps me watching the X. Her first audition was SHIT HOT and I'm not going to be a fair weathered fan, I shall support her through it all!

As for fatty boom boom Mary, I feel it is time for her to head back to the bakery isle at tescos. Yes she can sing and yes it is sweet seeing her all dolled up and glamourous on a saturday night but I feel that is enough now and off she should go. Oh and don't get me started on ex-Peado... I mean ex-P.E teacher Wagner. He is painful and I hope never to witness such a butchered version of a Tom Jones track ever again. and I don't even like Tom Jones! My "dark horse" in the words of Si would have to be John Adalaya or whatever his name is. What a genuninely nice chap who managed to sing his song without making me cringe. As for Treyc....sort it out love! The fact she spells her name like a skateboarder is enough for me to wince!

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